After 18 years to explore the five continents for the organization of seminars and events, I discovered Lapland for the first time at the age of 31 years. I fall immediately in love. 15 years later, I have invested here my savings and  I live here a few months a years and become the proud owner of a mökki (wooden hut without running water or electricity) on the small island of Kaaperisaari. I stay there alone in winter by -30 degrees, in summer under the midnight sun. 


I don't live, I dream, unless it's the other way around. I take time to write my first story "Un pas de côté". Find peace, disconnect, reconnect... Discover by myself this wilderness that surrounds me. This nature to which I owe so much.

Quickly a can I give back to the forests of Lapland what they gave me ?  

Simply, by opening up and sharing this extraordinary environment so that you in turn love and protect this boreal nature.


Explore, share, protect, see you soon.

Regards,  Max.


© MC 2016.  Crédit Photos : Kaaperinsaari - TDN  - A&VDLB

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