A unique chance to live a real adventure away from the turbulence of the modern world. 


Observer a territory, its fauna and flora to share and protect, this is the vocation of Kuksa & Cabin, a non-profit organization.


Explore, immersion in the heart of the forests of Lapland, a subarctic region listed as a World Heritage Site as a natural and cultural asset stretching from the Scandinavian Alps to the highlands of the Finnish tundra.


Protect this natural desert which is also a natural sanctuary populated by bears, elk, reindeer, lynx, wolves, Lapp owls, salmon ...


Keep informed, depending on the season, we use a different mode of progression such as canoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, 4x4 vehicle, dog sledding, pulka with the final objective of raising awareness about the protection of this boreal environment.


A responsible and original experience is the great interest of Kuksa & Cabin.

© MC 2016.  Crédit Photos : Kaaperinsaari - TDN  - A&VDLB

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