A unique chance to live a real adventure away from the turbulence of the modern world. 

The guesthouse seduces by its simplicity and authenticity. The place is as unusual as it is secret also is as disorienting as it is disconcerting.


The guesthouse offers the unique possibility to live with the arctic nature and depending on the elements between tundra and Boreal forest. True wilderness paradise where you can live like a trapper. To explore the territory, to observe wildlife, to fish, to hike, to paddle, live a day like a life ! The cabin allows to reconcile with time. Finally, it's a place conductive to drawing, writing, reading and inviting to a sweet contemplation...


During winter season you could live an arctic experience from January to March. Guesthouse access is by snowmobile. It's time of the northen light (Aurora Borealis). From the guesthouse trapper life waiting for you. Kicksled dogs, ice fishing, snowshoes, snowmobile, observation of the northen light, looking for animals, traditional sauna, bivouac aroud the fire place...

From spring to autumn, you can reach the guesthouse by our canoe. You practise easily all outdoor activities, observation and wildlife tracking, fishing, photography, hiking (Oulanka National Park & Hossa National Park), canoe road-trip, sauna, bivouac under the stars. 

Adventure with a big A, original,fascinating. Disorentation and holidays spirit is the real interest of Kaaperinsaari

© MC 2016.  Crédit Photos : Kaaperinsaari - TDN  - A&VDLB

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