During winter season you could live an arctic experience from January to March. Real white paradise, Kuksa Cabin is located in Lapland (Oulanka National Park) a wild Arctic nature between frozen lakes and taïga. An authentic experience.


It's time fo the northen light (Aurora Borealis). From the cabin trapper life waiting for you. Sled dogs, ice fishing, snowshoes, snowmobile, observation of the northen light, looking for animals, traditionnal sauna, bivouac aroud the fire place...



From the moment lakes are frozen it's the ideal way of locomotion.

Kick sled dogs 


Definitely associated to the Yukon's gold rush and the discovery of the poles, sled dogs is undoubtedly the most fabulous experience in the arctic circle. Discovered with us Kick sled dogs !

Observation of the northen light (from the guesthouse)


The sky lights up above our heads. Since always northen lights intrigues aboriginals people. In Finland, it would be an arctic fox sweeping snow with his red tail...

Ice fishing  (with the guesthouse equipment)

Patience, calm and serenity... Lake is full of small fish.

Snow shoes (with the guesthouse equipment)


Once arrived on the island, snow shoes allows to progress slowly but surely. Not a sound except the soft screeching of the footsteps in the snow.

Sauna (from the guesthouse)


Sauna is a part of the Finnish way of life. It's a the place to be of exxchanges. We chat quietly, we enjoy good cold beers, all excesses are eliminated.

© MC 2016.  Crédit Photos : Kaaperinsaari - TDN  - A&VDLB

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